​​​​Christa J. Winters - CJ's Rock Art

I have never really been good at describing in words exactly where my art comes from or the meaning that lies beneath it.   I rarely plan any part of my journey other then to have a specific piece of music that seems to be calling out to me playing loudly throughout my studio.  
That is when all my thinking stops and something else takes over. 

My mind becomes quiet and nothing else seems to exist other then the colors, texture and some deep part inside needing to be freed.  The music that envelops me while painting acts like a corridor to some hidden room inside myself helping me to open the door and walk in.

I love to use vibrant colors while always having a need to show the depth that exists between light and dark.  Incorporating texture allows that depth to deepen so that it has more of a sculptural feel to it, like natural stone or rock details encapsulated  in the work.  Each piece is made up of layers upon layers of individual paintings that together in the end, become one with each other. 

I am not gallery represented, I do not hold an art degree, nor have I ever studied art in an formal educational way.   I actually began painting when I was a stay at home mother of two, many many years ago.  To help the family finances I started to sell my pieces through e-bay and over those years I was able to sell over 250 original paintings worldwide.  

I am deeply moved when another person falls in love with one of my creations and can connect to it.  It is the biggest compliment of all!

Besides my thirst to create new artwork my other passions lie in music jam sessions, Latin dancing, interior design and my two always inspiring adult children.


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